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St Patrick's Festival Photo Competition and Pixie Party

St Patrick's Festival

As some of you already know, Pixie has been working with the organisers of the Irish St Patrick’s Festival on a huge photo sharing project to help document this year’s festival in photos from the perspective of those attending. The aim is to invite everyone bringing their camera to this year’s events to contribute their photos to the official St Patrick’s Festival group so that the experience can be shared with people from all over the world.

To make things a little more interesting, we’ve created a competition (more details to follow) and will be selecting three lucky winners whose photos capture the spirit of the festival. Canon have very kindly offered to sponsor some of the best prizes we’ve seen in a photo competition and with a total value of just under €1,800, these are very generous prizes!!!

So here’s where you come in – we need your help to get the word out and to say thanks we’re got something to give back to the blogging community!

Whenever we work with festivals or corporate clients we always try to ensure that we can offer something special back to the Pixie community. Some of you may recall that when we signed the Share Your Experience deal with Diageo we celebrated by inviting a group of photobloggers to the Guinness Storehouse. For the St Patrick's Festival parade on March 17th, we've managed to get you something special too and we’re calling it the St Patrick's Festival Pixie Party:

  • 20 bloggers and photobloggers will be invited to watch the St Patrick's Festival parade from a vetted viewing area. Each will be given an official wristband to gain access to this exclusive VIP area.
  • 4 bloggers and photobloggers will be invited to watch the parade from the Festival Grandstand.
  • 2 photobloggers will be invited to join the world media and take photos of the parade from the elevated position from the official open topped Media Bus which is positioned on the parade route.
  • 2 Pixie users will chosen (subject to a security check) and given a Golden Pass which provides exclusive access to the parade route on the day. Only 12 Golden Passes will be issued this year to the international media and this is the first time photographers outside of the national and international media have been invited on into the parade route. This is HUGE.

How can you help? Write a blog post, post a photo on your blog, link to http://pix.ie/group/stpatricksfestival, re-tweet for @stpatricksfest, do anything to help us promote the project and competition then let us know about it by leaving a comment here so we can include you on the list. If there are more people who help out than places, we’ll have to make selections, but don’t worry it gets better...

To celebrate the Guinness 250 year anniversary, the Guinness Storehouse are inviting 250 Pixie users, bloggers and photobloggers to continue the Pixie Party after the parade and join in the fun at the Storehouse's annual Paddy's Day festival on March 17th:

“On St. Patrick's Day, Guinness Storehouse will host an electrifying global celebration of Guinness and the Irish national holiday with over 250 entertainers of every description. Prepare for a barrage of rock, soul, roots, swing, jazz and traditional Irish, as well as international street performers and marching bands. Learn how to Pour the Perfect Pint of Guinness like a true Dublin connoisseur, savour the taste of Guinness variants and try some food with a Guinness twist.” - More details of what to expect!!!

We've worked hard to get access and activities for the community on this one, so please help us spread the word and don’t forget to give the Storehouse and our sponsors Canon some link love!

Thanks to Susan, Daniela, Jonothan, Piaras, Lisa, Catherine, Alison, Sabrina, Darragh, Niamh and Kiall for all your help in putting this together.

Follow @stpatricksfest and @pixie on Twitter for more information and news about what is going on. (Hashtag for St Patricks's Festival is #spf09)


UPDATE (Mar 14th 11:30) - As requested here is the list of people who have RSVP'd for the parade: Aishling O'Neill, Callum Conroy, Conor lynch, Tommie Lehane, Darren Carr, Darragh Doyle, Darren Greene, Gillian McEnteggart, Deirdre Durran, Elly Parker, Claire Wilson, Grannymar, Hazel Coonagh, Hugh Chaloner, Jason Roe, Jennifer Farley, James McDermott, Julie Matkin, Kate Southall, Kyle Tunney, Brian O'Reilly, Alexia Golez, Louise Barnewall, John Williams, Nolene Dowdall, Mohan S, Niamh Smith, Paddy Benson, Phil O'Kane, Red Mum, Ryan Whalley, Shane Murphy, Sinead Mc Donald, John Barrington, Barry Delaney, Tony Rooney, Daniela Maskova, Will Knott, Treasa Lynch

We wish we could have allocated more places, but as mentioned above, numbers were limited and we did really well to get as many places as we did. Everyone who commented below so far is invited to join us at the Guinness Storehouse from 15:00 on Tuesday. We will be sending out a separate email with details about this shortly.

Congratulations to those who made the list - see you on Tuesday!



# by thebaz on on 2009-Feb-27

I'll include a link on my daily post to the photoblog.com  -

Paddy's day is when my book was due to be launched - but i#m in no hurry

Best of luck - B.


# by thebaz on on 2009-Feb-28

Pimped to the international audience on



# by sinead on on 2009-Feb-28

Retweeting as I type :)


# by DangerMouse on on 2009-Feb-28

I don't tweet, so am re-pixie-ing :o) Does this count?


Thank you Marcus


# by eliza on on 2009-Mar-01

I told my sister via facebook

# by Sian Maloney on on 2009-Mar-01

Consider it tweeted and as soon as my blog is back up it will be blogged too! Sounds fantastic!



# by Angel on on 2009-Mar-01

Well Done, sounds great!


# by nicmac on on 2009-Mar-01

Bravo Marcus :-)

# by Mike Patterson on on 2009-Mar-01

Awesome work Marcus, a well deserved pat on the back is needed.

Will be blogged on my new site when it goes live very soon


# by Callumconroy on on 2009-Mar-01

Impressive Marcus ^_^


# by MikeyP on on 2009-Mar-01

Sorry, forgot to log in earlier - thats me above +1  :-)))))))))))))))))


# by Eoin on on 2009-Mar-01

Sounds interseting, I'm not a blogger though :-)


# by Ophelie on on 2009-Mar-01

great news, looking foward to it, I love youuuuuuuuuu for ever


# by Nanou on on 2009-Mar-01

Excellent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


# by Fref on on 2009-Mar-01

hi pix.ie for ever!!!!!!!! from oph de hé oph, my wife!!! hé pil alex youhouuuuuuuuu

# by Claire on on 2009-Mar-01

Excellent work Marcus! I'll pimp this for sure.


# by gingerpixel on on 2009-Mar-01

oops, forgot to log on. The previous comment is mine :O)


# by HughC on on 2009-Mar-01

Hi Marcus, I'll be there, blogged on intercuts: http://www.intercuts.com/?p=615

Just a suggestion though, where's there a pix.ie bug so I can include it in the post?


# by HughC on on 2009-Mar-01

Hiya Marcus, a bug is a TV term for a small logo ;) Can't find one I can link to on pix.ie


# by redmum on on 2009-Mar-01

Been offline mostly for the last couple of days, or would have been here sooner. This is fantastic work Marcus, excellent and count me in too. Off to do some pimping now.


# by Hazel on on 2009-Mar-01

sounds good! nice work my friend ;)


# by ellybabes on on 2009-Mar-02

Tweeted, will blog later with more details. Holy crap and congrats, Marcus!!!


# by kyle on on 2009-Feb-28

Great stuff and fair do's for putting in all the work!
Blogged about it too :)



# by rymus on on 2009-Feb-28

done and done.. not really a st. patricks day post, but the detail is in there anyway :)


# by Yvonne on on 2009-Feb-27

Fantastic. Very enticing

# by Darragh on on 2009-Feb-27

Brilliant - looking forward to this! Well done sir, was glad to be of the small bit of help!


# by Shane Murphy on on 2009-Feb-27

Sounds like it's going to be one hell of a party. Thanks Marcus, Pix.ie, St. Patricks festival, Guinness Storehouse & Canon for all your help in putting this together.


# by rymus on on 2009-Feb-27

outstanding! will be blogging the details this evening

# by leprechauntrap on on 2009-Mar-02

Great work! Good luck from The Leprechaun Trap on Amazon  http://tinyurl.com/cseygt 

# by Christina on on 2009-Mar-02

This would be so awesome! Blogged <a href="http://christinajirwin.wordpress.com/2009/03/03/party-the-pixie-way/">here!</a>


# by maryrose on on 2009-Mar-03

Deadly prize.  Good look to all of you who can take pics without the auto setting!  Blogged: http://brightspark-consulting.com/blog/2009/03/all-about-photography/


# by willknott on on 2009-Mar-03

Congrats on undoubtly the climax of a lot of hard work. Will be blogged this week


# by Tonym on on 2009-Mar-03

Looks like there was a lot of hardwork and effort put into this ,well done to all involved.


# by destraynor on on 2009-Feb-28

Excellent work!


# by brian on on 2009-Feb-28

great stuff.  this year will be first in years being home on St Patricks Day


# by nathaliemc on on 2009-Mar-04

Wowza what a cool comp! Can't wait for Paddy's Day to roll around again. Consider it pimped at http://casacaseycourtney.wordpress.com/2009/03/04/paddys-day-and-pixie/


# by lexia on on 2009-Mar-04

Hey, I might be able to make it. Putting my name down!


# by lexia on on 2009-Mar-04

And congrats on the partnership!


# by dakar on on 2009-Mar-04

Blogged on www.sligocameraclub.org and included on the group email.



# by Tonym on on 2009-Mar-04

Put my name forward i would love to have an opportunity to get some great pic's .:)


# by Julie on on 2009-Mar-04

I don't have a blog like that but I did do a bit of a montage of some ye olde paddy's day shots that I dug up from a couple years ago! Looking forward to this :)



# by aideend on on 2009-Feb-27

This is really great.. I live in Cyprus and St Patrick's Day seems to be the day I get most home sick- least I will hear all the craic firsthand now


# by Covey on on 2009-Feb-27

Well done Marcus, thats impressive.


# by PaddyB on on 2009-Feb-27

Spreading the word!

# by Annonymous on on 2009-Mar-04

Congrats on swinging this as sounds like fun.  Good luck to all & thanks Marcus


# by Allsorts on on 2009-Mar-04

That is me above- sorry forgot to log on


# by elfinamsterdam on on 2009-Mar-04

Well done, thats fab! Congrats all on the great work!

Count me in.... :)

Twitter Done!

Blog Done - http://elfinamsterdam.com/2009/03/04/pixie-patrickspixie-patricks/



# by samadhya on on 2009-Mar-04

i'm in! check it out here - http://aislingcryan.wordpress.com/

i have my new iPhone at the ready for the pics!


# by Aishling ONeill Photography on on 2009-Feb-27

Awesome!!! I will be sure to spread the word!!! Twittering it as I type and will blog it later!!! :D

Wonderful idea!!! :D


# by McAWilliams on on 2009-Feb-27

Wow this deserves some twitspam from me consider this link tweeted!

# by Stephen Crozier on on 2009-Mar-05

this is such a cool deal man

# by Sinead Power on on 2009-Mar-05

Looking forward to 17th March!


# by louise on on 2009-Mar-05

Bit slow off the mark with Pixie (my bad), also very new on the blogging front but here is a link to my post http://www.golanky.com/index.php?showimage=17


# by Janer on on 2009-Mar-05

Same as Bradley Nailer, I'm not a blogger either.


# by rymus on on 2009-Mar-06

Once again, just because this post is more suited...


# by George on on 2009-Mar-06

Good idea, an opportunity not to be missed to get some great photos

and some nice pints afterwards.


# by minipaws on on 2009-Mar-07

Congrats on a great idea and all the best and Happy Patricks Day to all.  I really enjoyed last years parade (you can read about it..and check out the pix.ie link at www.dontforgetthecamera.blogspot.com) and cant wait for March 17th 09.  Forget the doom agus gloom and enjoy the party!


# by niamhcsmith on on 2009-Mar-07

Blogged here http://whoopsadaisy.wordpress.com/2009/03/07/st-patricks-festival-and-pixie/

I will put it up on Facebook too for the non-blogger types :)


# by Larrigy on on 2009-Mar-07

Best idea I've come accross in a long time.  Looking forward to the party.


# by PHpositive on on 2009-Mar-10

Deadly Marcus, Storehouse on Paddys Day, what a Coup!


# by lukaty on on 2009-Mar-11

Great idea !!
Hopefully this will help, I have spreaded this aut to the polish community:
Here: http://www.gazeta.ie/forum/index.php?showforum=77
Here: http://www.gazeta.ie/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=35526&view=findpost&p=288713


# by Shane Murphy on on 2009-Mar-11

The list has been finalised.

Hope Marcus announces who got the coveted wristbands soon. My fingernails are reduced to nothing at this stage. :-)

# by Eoghan McCabe on on 2009-Mar-11

Too late? :-) Count me in please if not!

# by June Foley on on 2009-Mar-11

I'd love to come!

# by Eamon Leonard on on 2009-Mar-11

Let's have more of this type of thing!


# by ericnieudan on on 2009-Mar-13

I can haz ticket to da partay? ;p


# by leinsterman on on 2009-Mar-13

Jaysus Marcus ... I'm sooo sorry for now posting sooner ... a ticket for the party would be most welcome if there are any spares floating around ... put me on the waiting list in case you get an cancellations on the parade ... but I'll have my cameras with me all the same ... 

I'll also post a link on my site ...


# by trooney on on 2009-Feb-27

Great work Marcus...


# by sinead on on 2009-Mar-14

Ah that's a pity Danny - was hoping you'd be up...


# by Valentia on on 2009-Mar-15

That's some list! I was thinking that if I hired an hotel for the day I could make a fortune selling their gear!


# by leinsterman on on 2009-Mar-15

... me for the spare wristband !!! ;-)


# by leinsterman on on 2009-Mar-15

... plesase...

# by Rob Moore on on 2009-Mar-15

Hi, I will be blogging my photos!!

# by Clodagh Kelly on on 2009-Mar-15

Not too late I hope!

- C


# by roryw on on 2009-Mar-15

probably too late for this but as they say in Shrek       "Pick me!" ............


# by Azem Koleci on on 2009-Mar-15

Looking forward.


# by Cian McKenna on on 2009-Mar-15

11th hour plea for a party place Marcus, i'll do ya a poster ;) terrific idea by the way

# by Roisin Scullion on on 2009-Mar-15

Here's hoping I make the list.... Hear it's the hottest ticket in town.


# by djspider on on 2009-Mar-16

I have only just joined and posted some pics I took today at the Denny day out. I actually took them with my iPhone! Would love to join you at the Storehouse. I have moved here from the UK and STILL haven't been! Would I be too bold if I asked for +1 as herself has just got a nice new SLR she's dying to test! BTW have posted the link on my 360 page and a couple of forums.


# by queenaoife on on 2009-Mar-16

Just signed up, would love to join you at the party, any spaces left?

# by Robin Blandford on on 2009-Mar-16

Ireland's Outdoor Adventure blog will be there with Camera if tickets are left! http://blog.teamgearedup.com


# by Pete on on 2009-Mar-16

Excellent!  THis is exactly the type of thing they shoulda been doing for years

# by Marion on on 2009-Mar-16

I'd love to go too!


# by Marcus on on 2009-Mar-16

------ The list is now closed ------

Thanks to everyone who wrote blog posts, twittered and re-tweeted, commented, did radio and TV interviews and to all those who just helped spread the word!

The response from the Irish community has been huge and we really appreciate all your help.

See you all tomorrow!



# by djspider on on 2009-Mar-16

I agree Marcus, it's nice to see that people can get the word out and prove photographers aren't like train spotters! I only have my iPhone, but judging by the pics I got on Sunday, it's not bad! Just hope the rain holds off!


# by johnwallace on on 2009-Mar-16

I'd love to go if places are still available.  thanks.


# by nonsequitir on on 2009-Mar-16

I'm incapable of counting the number of responders, but if there's still a spot for a numerically challenged person (with a camera) then I'd love to be counted in the group for the storehouse!


# by brian on on 2009-Mar-18

and a great day it was too.  Really enjoyed it.  The weather was glorious, and the Storehouse was a real bonus, where we were looked after very well.  Thanks Marcus, Festival Committee and Lisa and gang in the Storehouse.


# by Shane Murphy on on 2009-Mar-18

I have to agree with Brian. What a day. The whole experience was superb. Thanks to Marcus, Lisa & the gang in pixie, all at the Guinness Storehouse, the St. Patrick's Festival people & all that helped in making yesterday such a special day for us all. 'Twas great to meet so many of my fellow pixie photographers.

My whole body is wrecked after carrying around all my gear for the day. The pain today is well worth the excitement we all had yesterday.


# by djspider on on 2009-Mar-21

Just back from short break after the festevities! Enjoyed the party at the storehouse, but got there too late for the food :( Still took some good shots with just my iPhone, even tried some arty B&W shots! Will sort them out and upload them when I get the chance. I asked someone to take a pic of me and my ladyfriend Queen_Aoife, if it was you can you send me a message? would love to see the pic. Or if anyone esle took any pics of me and/or her, we were in the mercantile in dame street! Thanks for the opportunity to join the party and finally see the storehouse.


# by djspider on on 2009-Mar-21

OOps! My ladyfriend is not on here as Queen_Aoife it is queenaoife all one word no caps! Sorry dear!


# by niamhcsmith on on 2009-Mar-21

Just to let you know, I've blogged the day with thanks on Culch.ie


Thanks again Marcus, what a wonderful day :)


# by sunnsan on on 2011-Dec-27

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# by jmcdermott on on 2009-Feb-27

Fair play. Great comp and great incentives.

Consider it blogged and tweeted! :-)


# by Dink on on 2009-Feb-27

Good work Marcus!!


# by soccerc on on 2009-Feb-27

Marcus, this is a rare opportunity for snappers to get the best access points - hopefully the chosen recipients understand the efforts made on their behalf

# by Fionnuala Mahon on on 2009-Feb-27

Great idea - I definitely will be taking photos!


# by kesouthall on on 2009-Feb-27

Theres definately lots there to get excited about - will spread the word

# by Ciara Crossan on on 2009-Feb-27

Wow Marcus, a ton of work went into pulling this off I'm sure. Sounds fantastic - well done!

The photobloggers will be loving you I'm sure! :)


# by SabrinaDent on on 2009-Feb-27

Never mind the thank you. WANT PASS. :)


# by DarrenG on on 2009-Feb-27

Amazing work.  Will definitely put a blog post up about this.


# by dakar on on 2009-Feb-27

Sounds fantastic, top marks pixie!


# by Shane Murphy on on 2009-Mar-03

Added links to the pix.ie pages on my photo homepage. http://www.flashmurphy.com/

# by sharonl on on 2009-Mar-04

Looks good, my local camera club has been notified of this project, good luck!


# by connector on on 2009-Mar-03

Well done Marcus !  This truly is a great idea - what a series of competitions and prizes !!


Please pick me !!!

Chat soon,



# by deeorgan on on 2009-Mar-03

nice one Marcus! This is great stuff.

# by cillian flynn on on 2009-Mar-04

Excellent project and well done for organising it, I will be promtly telling everyone I know about the project and will upload pics from the day.


# by Treasa Lynch on on 2009-Mar-04

Blogged here:http://www.dancingshades.org/?p=390 have fun on the occasion and may the sun shine and please hell god may it not be snowing. :-)

I love these things you come up with.


# by mandela99 on on 2009-Mar-04

great news !!! Marie Do


# by sharonl on on 2009-Mar-05

Can I be counted in, wasn't logged in before when I left my post. :-)

# by Kadija Duiri on on 2009-Mar-05

Fantastic,... Looking forward to that pint of Guinness on 17 March! :-)


# by Valentia on on 2009-Mar-13

Hope ye all ahve a great time. I'll be here in Trim where there is going to be a lot happening too. Especially a mad raft race on the Boyne!! Congrats Marcus on a great job organising this and publicising the festival.


# by Phil O'Kane on on 2009-Mar-03

Really looking forward to this!

My post here: http://icedcoffee.ie/2009/03/03/pixie-and-st-patricks-festival-2009/

# by Grannymar on on 2009-Mar-03

Nice one Marcus!

Tweeted last night and blog post up today!


# by fintanr on on 2009-Mar-03

Sweet.. .. looking forward to seeing the pixs... tweets & blog @ http://blogs.sun.com/fintanr/entry/ot_st_patrick_s_festival

# by Sean on on 2009-Mar-03

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