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Print Auction for Haiti by Pixie Users

A group of Pixie users (started by Covey) have very kindly offered to donate proceeds from the sale of selected photographic prints to charities in aid of Haiti (eg. Covey's chosen charity). There are some amazing photos up for grabs and it would be great if you could help spread the word in order to maximise potential bids.

At the Forty Foot
At the Forty Foot by Covey

All you have to do is leave a comment on the photo you like with a (reasonable) bid.

See the full selection of photos: http://pix.ie/explore/tag/printauctionforhaiti

If you would like to participate, please tag your photo(s) with printauctionforhaiti and edit the photo description to indicate what size print is being offered, which charity you have chosen along with any other terms and conditions you may have.

NOTE: Auctions are between photographer and their respective bidders and each photographer is responsible for their own auction, printing and fulfilment.



# by Chorcai on on 2010-Jan-21

Such a simple idea for people to get involed in. Some really great photos up for grabs !


# by pullandbang on on 2010-Jan-21

Agree with Chorcai. You're not even giving money away 'cos you'll get something for it - a unique and beautiful print. So go on, have a look at the photos on offer and make a bid.


# by aafke on on 2010-Jan-23

This auction is a good thought for a good cause and i hope the donation-bids will come flowing in.

There is one thing that worries & surprises me a bit. Some of the photos up for auction will be printed and mounted by a dublin company, to which the photographer himself will pay €25 per item.  Of course that is a great idea, but people bid-donate for the print and maybe don't even want it mounted. On the other hand it seems it's not the Haiti-fundraising that benefits but the printing-company, unless that company will be donating part of the received price to the fund.

Most of the photos in #printauctionforhaiti are worthy of a nice mount or frame, but people that put in a bid should be happy enough when they 'win' the wanted print.

Maybe this is not the right place to voice my concern, but i do not know how to contact the photographer, apart from writing this same text in the commentbox on one of his (Vlastiks) photos, which does not seem appropriate. Please, let it be clear there is nothing personal meant against this fine photographer wanting to present his photos in the most favourable way.


# by Covey on on 2010-Feb-01

The Auction is now finished and raised a whopping €1457.50 for Haiti. Sincere thanks to those who donated prints and all the bidders of course. Huge thanks to Pix.ie for hosting the auction as well.


# by sgd on on 2011-Jul-10


# by johankjapp on on 2011-Nov-16

These are really most beautiful photos that I ever seen!! Specially some winter photos are too good!!


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