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Pixie Is Moving

photo credit verysnappy

We didn't want to announce this until we had exact timelines in place, but I am really please to announce that Pixie is moving!!! YAY! :D

For the last three and a half years, Pixie has been hosted in Data Electronics, Dublin and today will be our last day there! Essentially we've decided to undertake the costly and mammoth task of physically moving all of our servers, storage, firewalls and switches! We spent months trying to figure out not only how we would move all of our kit, but also where we would move to. We visited, interviewed and got quotations from nearly every data center in the country...

One Company Stood Out

This company is going to work with us, not against us. This company understands the needs of companies like Pixie as is flexible enough to be able to provide us with exactly what we require. We've already been working with them for a couple of years and we trust them. I'd like to personally thank Michele Neylon, Paul Kelly and their team at Blacknight who have worked hard to provided us with a really flexible and cost effective package which we simply couldn't have obtained anywhere else.

Yes, we are moving to Blacknight's co-location facility in Interxion's custom built data center and we're doing it TONIGHT!

The Plan

The plan actually began last night... Unbeknown to the thousands of Pixie users who were busy upload and viewing photos at the time, we moved half of the Pixie servers, firewalls, switches etc. The painstaking process involved de-racking each piece of equipment: carefully removing power (each server has two power cables), network (each server has 5 network cables), the machine and it's rails without disturbing the remaining live machines. To get an idea of what I mean, imagine removing the 2rd, 4th and 5th server down in this photo:

Pixie Servers - Back

We did all this all last night, and then packaged everything up, physically transported the kit and re- racked in the new data center.

Starting at 19:00 this evening (30th September 2010) we will start bringing the Pixie service down for the first time in nearly four years. The entire service has already been fully backed up and we will perform a last minute sync of all the storage and backups to ensure everything is 100%. All remaining live machines will be de-racked, packed up and transported to Interxion where it will be re-racked. Blacknight will do their magic and move our IP transit links from DEG to IX and in theory, we should be able to just switch everything back on. :)

In reality, there are going to be glitches and the reason we decided to start the move so early (19:00) is simply because we don't know what gotchas might lie ahead and if we have to work all night, so be it. We absolutely need to be back up and running by the following morning hence giving ourselves as much buffer time as possible.

This is a huge task that lies ahead of us tonight, so please bear with us and forgive the downtime which we *hope* will only be around 4-5 hours all going well. If anyone wants to wish us luck, don't be shy - we need it!



# by Chris Beach on on 2010-Sep-30

Best of luck with the move.

Out of curiosity, what kind of storage, and what kind of capacity do you have for all the photos? Must be a mammoth amount!


# by dakar on on 2010-Sep-30

Good luck! Hope it all goes smoothly for you :)


# by brian on on 2010-Sep-30

4-5 hours.  Jesus.  I might have to watch television!!!

# by Lucy Murray on on 2010-Sep-30

Best of luck with the big move Marcus. 
Hope all goes super well. Make sure you don't drop anything :) 



# by trooney on on 2010-Sep-30

Good luck! You're bound to have some glitches. It wouldn't be a proper move it you didn't :o)
(hoping you don't tho and it all goes silky smooth)


# by Covey on on 2010-Sep-30

Congrats, look forward to bigger and better things ahead !

# by Philip Boyle on on 2010-Sep-30

Good luck Marcus. I hope everything goes smoothly!


# by yarrumk on on 2010-Sep-30

Good luck \o/

# by Shane Murphy on on 2010-Sep-30

Congrats on the move guys. *sends new home card*.

Well done Michele & all his team at Blacknight. Thrilled to see pixie hosted by another Irish company.


# by barrywhelan on on 2010-Sep-30

Good luck. Don't drop the servers! ><


# by jennyrusks on on 2010-Sep-30

Good luck in your new home : )


# by pixbyjohn on on 2010-Sep-30

Best of luck, a mighty move.


# by Aidan18 on on 2010-Sep-30

Congrats on the big expansion and best of luck tonight


# by jackie on on 2010-Sep-30

Good luck with the move : ))


# by Oekul on on 2010-Sep-30

best of luck with the move.


# by Denise on on 2010-Sep-30

Best of luck Pixie!  Hope it all goes well :-)


# by Dave66 on on 2010-Sep-30

Best of luck with the move, hope you have lots of coffee planned for the night


# by JohnDoe on on 2010-Sep-30

Best of luck, have been involved in similiar (obviously smaller scale tasks) and i don't envy you. Hope it all goes well. 


# by TownieLee on on 2010-Sep-30



# by Aishling ONeill Photography on on 2010-Sep-30

Oh good luck!!! Hope all goes well!!! :D


# by Tony aka LLED on on 2010-Sep-30

Superb news Marcus.....  congrats to you and all the Team

Guess I'll have to watch whatever Brian is watching..!! :D



# by TBSteve on on 2010-Sep-30

Relax!, What's the worst that could happen? :-)


# by Mick H 51 on on 2010-Sep-30

Good luck with the move !!

I am sure everything will be fine..

just don't let anyone press the red button !! :-))


# by aafke on on 2010-Sep-30

have a GOOD smooth blackNIGHT, so you can be at home soon. safe journey


# by brian on on 2010-Oct-01

Looks like everything went smoothly.  Well done.


# by Bohoe on on 2010-Oct-01

Ah, you'll be grand! ;)

# by Aido on on 2010-Oct-01

Thats a mighty task you have ahead of you, best of luck to you and the team!


# by Marcus on on 2010-Oct-01

Thanks for all the kind words everyone on here and on Twitter!

We were also delighted to be able divert some of our traffic to those people who responded to our tweet and obviously you all saw a jump in traffic last night as a result. Fantastic!

Everything went according to plan. Ok we finished later than expected, but hey that's a given right?

If anyone is interested, we put up a few photos that we took during the move here: http://pix.ie/marcus/album/389440

Thanks once again!


# by keithjack on on 2010-Oct-02

Glad to hear everything went well Marcus


# by Tallon on on 2010-Oct-08

Well done guys, looks good now. Back up and running :)

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