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Pixie 2010 Photo of the Year

Following on from last year's Photo of the Year we have once again selected what we feel are the top 50 photos uploaded to Pixie in 2010. This year we also asked you to nominate your favourites and these votes have been taken into account.

The selection process this year has taken a lot longer than last year as the number of images upload has increased substantially. It's incredibly difficult to choose just 50, but somehow we've managed to do it!

Photo of the Year 2010

Congratulations to Adrian Sadlier for his photo "Evil at the Heart of Beauty" which wins the Pixie Photo of the Year 2010.

"Evil in the Heart of Beauty" by asadlier

The Top 50 Photos of 2010

In the order they were uploaded, here are the remaining top 50 photos of 2010. Well done to all those listed and really sorry to those who uploaded fantastic photos but didn't make the final cut.

"Christmas Day Paddle" by FajitasGTR

"Helpless" by liamp

"stoneybatter chipper" by harper

"Drop Circle" by teegee

"outer space " by Hazel

"Melissa Hayward093" by Angel

"NY sunset" by Shanemurphy

"IMG_0219" by vlastik

"india" by elponio

"Eyes Locked" by garymcgivney

"Vapourised Ver. 2" by Valentia

"Jelling it with the crowd" by SinisterDexter

"Left Behind" by carolinew

"hal·cy·on" by ancatdubh

"deck chairs" by verysnappy

"How will we get home Ma ?" by Mikmccarthy

"The Painted Hall - Greenwich, London" by henrystuart

"Mosaic and crowd" by oonat

"Subway_HK" by CabanSail

"Evening Sunset" by danieljordan13

"Walking on sunshine" by Falcon7012

""coulda been a contender"" by lechesolara

"Eye Ball" by Peadar

"Onwards and Upwards" by MickH51

"to infinity... and beyond" by trooney

"David Kelly" by thebaz

"Last chance off the island" by carolinew

"shadowy jo" by fernross

"Droplets" by SusieQue

"Giants Causeway" by MickH51

"Faye Skip The Light Fantastic" by bernarddunne

"Macro115" by WimPeeters78

"The pain of a protester" by PunkRock

"Barcelona FR2" by Falcon7012

"HC2" by Falcon7012

"ball in sand" by barbara

"up" by craanc

"Bubbles 2" by LLED

"Dressed in Red" by vanilla

"eclipse" by Aidan18

"Fireworks-1" by Falcon7012

"Kiss on a misty rainy evening" by redmum

"They used to burn us" by asadlier

"DSC_0055" by liamp

"Steve Ignorant (Crass)" by PunkRock

"Snowy Peak" by morrisseeee

"i11uminated" by Promac

"After Hours" by Covey

"Lunar eclipse 21/396" by TheSpaceBetween

Thanks to everyone for all your great photos over the last year and we really look forward to seeing what 2011 brings.

Happy New Year to all!



# by JohnDoe on on 2011-Jan-01

Whoop! Thanks Guys


# by GER on on 2011-Jan-01

fantastic selection of photos. well done to everyone.....


# by ttcomet on on 2011-Jan-01

Great images.  Congratulations to everyone chosen.

# by Darren on on 2011-Jan-01

Great selection! Happy New Year and thanks for looking after us so well all year :)

# by pixbyjohn on on 2011-Jan-01

Congratulations to Adrian and  everyone. Thanks to the Pix.ie team.

Happy new year everyone


# by sNarah on on 2011-Jan-01

So great to see so many familiar names here from Pixie and Boards, it's a flying statement for the purpose and great service that Pixie offers to the Irish photographic community. Well done to all!!!

# by Shane McDonald on on 2011-Jan-01

Some amazing shots there. Tough to choose a Top 3. Well done to all shortlisted!

# by Fran on on 2011-Jan-01

Congrats adrian and to everyone else on making the top 50.Happy new year


# by Aidan18 on on 2011-Jan-01

Congrats Adrian & Thank you pixie for a job well done


# by aafke on on 2011-Jan-01

Fifty nifty picsies, congratz and well done all. Geweldig!


# by ancatdubh on on 2011-Jan-01

wow! what a gathering of fine images - well done everyone & well done pix.ie - happy new year to all you guys

suggestion - these would look mighty fine hung in a print gallery :)   


# by FajitasGTR on on 2011-Jan-01


Cheers guys!


# by Hazel on on 2011-Jan-01

wow thanks a million guys!! completely didn't expect that! :D

well done to everyone in the list, the talent and standard of work on pixie just keeps getting better and better, may it long continue :)


# by Mick H 51 on on 2011-Jan-01

Delighted and chuffed to have two shots in the top fifty!!

A great and varied selection, not an easy task, well done everyone

and a big congrats to Adrian on a super shot.


# by Janer on on 2011-Jan-01

Not sure if I know more about Photography this yeat but they def are to a higher standard this year in my view.


# by Shane Murphy on on 2011-Jan-01

What a brilliant selection. Well done Adrian & well done to everyone who was shortlisted. If those were printed, I'd love to go to the exhibition. Thanks has to go to Marcus & the pix.ie family for offering the service so we can show our photographs.

# by barbara on on 2011-Jan-02

Thanks to the Pix crew for sifting through all those photos to pick these ones especially with so many amazing images to choose from. Delighted to be in the top 50. The standard was very, very high!! Congrats to all and happy photographing in 2011.


# by barrywhelan on on 2011-Jan-02

Not mad on the overall winner but great selection for the rest. Great diversity and quality there. Well done to everyone.


# by abhijeet on on 2011-Jan-02

ALL of them were brilliant. Kudos guys ! :)


# by liamp on on 2011-Jan-02

huge thanks to all the pixie team for their hard work over the year, ye are doin a great job,  the site keeps getting better, its inspiring to see so many stunning images uploaded each day......all the best to all the snappers and pixie for new year    ,

ps   would be fantastic to see a book or exhibit some day


# by MissusPandB on on 2011-Jan-02

Well done Adrian - super shot. Well done too to all the other contenders. Great selection of shots.


# by pullandbang on on 2011-Jan-02

Flip it! I really should check who is logged in on my computer :-) ^^ As the missus says - well done everyone!


# by Brianp on on 2011-Jan-02

Brilliant images, every one. Congratulations! I hope to draw inspiration from all during 2011. 


# by BuzzLightyear on on 2011-Jan-02

A lot of really wonderful images in there. Congratulations to everyone on getting into the top 50, and a big thank you to Marcus & Co. for allowing us to share our images with this wonderful community called pix.ie :-)


# by Adrian on on 2011-Jan-02

This is a great collection of work by some really talented togs. I'm genuinely awestruck and humbled that one of my shots was chosen as POTY (and that I got a top 50 as well!). There are so many other shots that didn't make the list that equally deserve recognition - it would be great to extend it to a top 100 for next year.

Thanks to Marcus and his crew for affording us the opportunity to share each others interpretation of the world we see. Long may it continue and thrive.

And with a special apology to James for the pun - A Snappy New Year to us all :-)


# by yarglags on on 2011-Jan-02

Wow! Some great images here. As I scrolled down I saw some incredible pictures that I had seen before and some more that I had somehow missed. Congratulations to all mentioned.


# by EoghanMac on on 2011-Jan-04

Congrats to all. Some brilliant shots here and well deserved winner :)

Looking forward to another year of the same !

# by Maryrose Lyons on on 2011-Jan-04

Brilliant pics - well done to you all.


# by MiPiX on on 2011-Jan-04

congrats Adrian on the No 1 shot and all those lucky or good enough to make the top 50. Well done everyone for a great collection.


# by SusieQue on on 2011-Jan-06

AH I'm delighted, have not had internet access for a week so have only got to log  in now! Delighted & honoured to be in the top 50, such amazing talent out there!!!

Thanks everyone & super well done to Adrian :)

Belated happy new year everyone,



# by kyliewyley on on 2011-Jan-06

Theres not a single one in the collection I don't adore. Congrats all.

Inspiring stuff for 2011!

# by Damienapicasso on on 2011-Jan-08

congratulations to top 50, and best of luck to all that share and care on pix,ie


# by kevinjaap on on 2011-Nov-04

Wow superb photos!! You have done a Great Job!! Specially I like that Reflection bubles photo a lot!!!

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# by billy87dukes on on 2012-Jan-11

Execellent photography and i guess it should be captured by professionals..

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