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Huge congrats to the following finalists for Best Photo Blog 2011 (sponsored by Pixie!)



# by Shane Murphy on on 2011-Mar-09

I'm looking forward to the night in Belfast. It should be great craic.

# by David on on 2011-Mar-09

Yes, can't wait, thrilled to get this far. blogged about it on 7x5 too. 

# by SmOkeymOuntAin on on 2011-Mar-31

who won the best photo blog for 2011?

# by wholesale hats on on 2011-Apr-19

Great article, I think you covered everything there.MLB Hats


# by Shane Murphy on on 2011-Apr-20

The best photoblog was won by Roger Overall.

# by envelopes on on 2011-Jun-19

Roger, congratulations!  You deserve that award.


# by linlinkgad on on 2013-Nov-19

Health officials encourage complete abstinence during pregnancy, though some research suggests that a small amount of alcohol on occasion may not be harmful.     Lockheed Martin will make commercial use of quantum computing, which could

solve some business and science problems millions of times faster than can be done today.(Sunday
Best)As befits the auteur who created Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive, this second solo album by David Lynch is a charming tour through the swinging hits of the 1970s. Only joking, it's actually a little dark.
A fusion of blues and early rock'n'roll styles with electronic production techniques, you are dragged into an American wilderness where the land is parched, the sky crackles with electricity, and there's a pair of glowing red eyes watching you from a distance. Across this scene drifts Lynch's singing voice, high-pitched, largely distorted and croaking like a wizened fairground barker.
Believe it or not, this is a step towards the mainstream for Lynch, whose first album, 2009's Crazy Clown Time, set the vocals to "deranged helium fiend".
Indeed, this whole album feels less of an art stunt and more of a well-executed idea.
The style does pall eventually, but a cover of Dylan's The Ballad of Hollis Brown is loping, menacing but also melancholic, while Last Call updates suburban blues with the rhythms of trap. Oh and never fear, there's reverb guitar and creepy echoes for fans to enjoy, too.Rating: 4/5Pop and rockDavid LynchPaul MacInnesguardian.co.uk
© 2013 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies. All rights reserved. | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds Syria’s civil war entangled the peacekeeping operation in the disputed Golan Heights area on Wednesday, when 30 armed fighters for the insurgency detained a group of 20 peacekeepers. The Rapide, Aston Martin’s four-door sports car, is a version of the sporty DB9 with a wheelbase that’s been stretched 9.8
inches, which is more than long enough to shove in a pair of rear doors.    
Syria’s civil war entangled the peacekeeping operation in the disputed Golan Heights area on Wednesday, when 30 armed fighters for the insurgency detained a group of 20 peacekeepers. The decision severely limited the sweep of a 1789 law that had been used to address human rights abuses abroad.    
How faith can affect mental health therapy, freshening up a kitchen for a home sale, creating your own personal weather station and other consumer-focused news from The New York Times.     Anxiety is rising among House Republicans about a strategy of appeasement toward fiscal hard-liners that could require them to embrace not only the sequester but also sharp new cuts to federal health and retirement programs.
Read full article >> Ottawa defenseman Sergei Gonchar has

a nickname, according to Senators goalie Ben Bishop, who watched from the crease as the 38-year-old defenseman scored the winning goal that beat the New York Islanders. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who yanked embattled Rep. William J. Jefferson off a powerful tax committee last year, has decided to put him on the Homeland Security panel, aides to the Louisiana Democrat confirmed yesterday.

A lawmaker in Greece’s right-wing Golden Dawn party was accused of trying to punch the mayor of Athens, but missing and hitting a 12-year-old girl instead.     GUANTANAMO BAY, CUBA -- During a pretrial

hearing here Thursday, military prosecutors played a 25-minute video that showed Canadian detainee Omar Khadr building roadside bombs in Afghanistan with several reputed al-Qaeda operatives. The guidelines, which are not mandatory, focus on communication, entertainment and navigation devices included by automakers.     Industry veteran Bill Rubino has retired as president and CEO of Jofco, a role he's held at the office-furniture manufacturer for over 40 years. A versatile condiment with a sweet

touch.     A round-up of news from across India.     One wants the grand slam in Cardiff, the other a Six Nations title, but both are leading contenders to captain the Lions in AustraliaIt's like Sliding Doors," Conor O'Shea says as he considers the shifting fortunes trailing Chris Robshaw and Sam Warburton as they prepare for Saturday's momentous clash between England and Wales in Cardiff.
"Sometimes things happen and they affect you badly. And then, sometimes, things happen, the doors slide open again, and everything turns out all right."Robshaw
and Warburton, who will be studied closely by Warren Gatland, forex growth bot Lions' No7 shirt and the potential captaincy at stake, have been through those whirring doors repeatedly during careers as tumultuous as both men are admirably grounded.
As Robshaw's coach at Harlequins, O'Shea admits bias towards his own player. But his appreciation of Warburton's similar character provides a measured assessment of their attributes and their brushes with adversity.A year ago, Warburton cradled the Six Nations trophy under one arm, his other in a sling after he was injured during the defeat of France which ensured that Wales had won the grand slam.
He had similarly bittersweet memories from the World Cup a few months earlier when he had inspired a young side – only to be sent off in the opening minutes of the semi-final for an unintentional tip-tackle. Having also been the man of the match last February in the Six Nations against England, then under the fledgling captaincy of Robshaw, Warbuton seemed a certainty for both the No7 berth and leadership of the Lions.The doors of fate have opened and closed with capricious frequency since then.
Warburton lost the captaincy, and his place in the side, midway through this tournament as Wales sought to arrest a decline that culminated in a record eight consecutive

Test defeats. Robshaw's stock, in contrast, has risen markedly while leading England's surge towards a first grand slam in 10 years. His reputation as a player and as a leader is a world away from last autumn when his role as captain, and his position in the team, was subject to searching questions.Having lost narrowly to Australia, Robshaw appeared to make a terrible mistake in the heat of battle the following weekend in November.
Trailing South Africa 16-12 with three minutes left, England were awarded a penalty.
Robshaw opted to kick for goal. England lost a game they should have won, by a single point, and Robshaw was pilloried. The idea that, just four months later, he would be considered one of the favourites to lead the Lions this summer would have been ridiculed.As
England prepared to face New Zealand in early December, O'Shea contacted his beleaguered captain. "I usually leave my players alone when they're on international duty," he says. "But I made an exception after that game. I rang Chris and said: 'Remember one thing – you were absolutely magnificent as a rugby player. Whatever people debate about the decision-making you're in the team to be a rugby player. You were the best player on the pitch.' And he was.
After a few days, when people looked at it more calmly, they were saying: 'Oh my God, he was the top tackler. He was

the top carrier…' And then it came down to the luck of sport – and those sliding doors. If they'd lost to New Zealand Robbo would've been under enormous pressure. People would've wanted change. But he got the right performance and the right result.
England are now chasing the grand slam. In life, you sometimes need a change of luck."For
Warburton, Wales's change of luck came in his absence. Injured following their opening abject defeat at home to Ireland, a Ryan Jones-led Wales found the resolve to win in Paris. Warburton was condemned to the bench for the next game, against Italy, his place lost beneath the sparkling promise of Justin Tipuric. When Warburton returned to the side against Scotland last Saturday, Jones still retained the captaincy.Yet Warburton's immense display during an ugly game in Edinburgh meant the bench was never an option on Saturday. Another

twist of fate, which had seen him reclaim the captaincy in the midst of the Scotland match, after Jones was injured, prompted expectation that he would also lead Wales against England.
But the doors revolve ever faster. Tipuric is back at No7. Warburton has been shifted to No6,

in place of Jones, and Gethin Jenkins is captain.Rob
Howley, Wales's acting head coach while Gatland concentrates on the Lions, clearly wanted to avoid the match becoming a personal duel at openside and in the captaincy stakes between Warburton and Robshaw. "I would rather Sam focused on his own game," Howley said.A few days earlier, one of Warburton's former captains voiced a similar

opinion. Matt Bolton, the head coach of Glamorgan Wanderers, the club where he had captained a 17-year-old Warburton, micro niche finder in his praise of the openside's abilities. "Sam stood out even at that age.
I'd look across at him in the huddle before games and think how different he was to

the rest of us. I'll never forget doing analysis after one game and watching this clip where Sam made three tackles on the bounce. He tackled someone, got up, tackled the next player who had the ball, got up and produced a big hit on the third guy.
Incredible."But he was really quiet. We tried to coax him out of his shell and get him involved but he was on a different path to us. Now and again, he'd chip in and make some very valid comments but I never thought of him as a future Wales captain. He captained all the age grades which amazed me because he was so quiet.
But he leads by example."Sam
not being captain last week made a massive difference. He just focused on his game. That's how

he was with us. He has the pressure of the nation on him and, even though he's so grounded, he's only 24. Maybe that extra pressure affected

him. Against Scotland, free from such pressure, he was monumental."Bolton
and Warburton were coached at Glamorgan by Richard Hodges. A forthright talker, who is now the performance manager for thenow with Cardiff Blues, Warburton's regional team, Hodges is bullish in his defence. "It's a load of rubbish," he says of any claim that Warburton's form has dipped. "I vehemently disagree. The kid burst on the scene and delivered 8/10 performances week after week.
He's had the odd 7/10 and people think he's fallen off his perch.
You then saw a 9/10 performance against Scotland and everyone is talking about the resurgence.
There's no resurgence.
The kid is

performing as well as ever."Hodges
remembers that, at the Wanderers, "the boys joked whenever Sam came into the dressing room that no one would change next to him. It was embarrassing for them because he was chiselled out of granite.
In the senior leagues, the opposition look to bully any kid.
But he went in against Newport and Neath and consistently produced man of the match displays. That's the measure of his mentality – then and now."That mentality, and consistent excellence, also distinguished Robshaw at a young age. At Warlingham Rugby Club, where Robshaw began playing at the age of seven, he was known as "Duracell Boy" because he never stopped tackling. Paul Traynor coached his own son Kyle, who has played at prop for Scotland, and Robshaw at Warlingham. "It was always difficult not to make Chris the man of the match after every game," he says. "He had no fear. When he got running, with his fantastic frame, no one could stop him. He'd run over the top of them."Many people at Warlingham did not know that the Duracell Boy had lost his father, Alan, an architect, who was just 40 when he died after a heart attack.
Robshaw was only five. He also battled with dyslexia but his mother, Patricia, found a way to send him to Millfield School – where he was spotted by the Harlequins Academy. O'Shea says: "Those challenges turned him into the person he has become. He also overcame huge injuries when he first came to Quins. He was

out of the game for almost two years and had to plough a lone furrow.
Those problems can break you but they can also define you. Like Warburton, if he has a setback, he wants to come back stronger. They both have great talent and real humility. But I'm biased.
Chris would be the first name on any of my team-sheets."Beneath the sliding roof of the Millennium Stadium, fate will have its say yet again. Various invisible doors will open and shut for both Robshaw and Warburton as, in front of their most fervent supporters, they strive for victory on different fronts. As an Englishman who has lived in Wales for 19 years, Bolton might have the most balanced perspective of all. "I'd love to say Sam really, having played with him, and knowing him," he answers when asked who he would choose as his Lions captain."But
in terms of leadership I don't know if it's the right time.
When we fat-burning-furnace month ago Sam made it clear that his biggest focus was just getting on the Lions tour – he'd love that.
I think Robshaw feels the same.
Personally, I'd pick Brian O'Driscoll as captain. I'd then put Warburton at No7 and Robshaw at No6. We would then have the best of all worlds."Six Nations 2013Six NationsWales rugby union teamEngland rugby union teamChris RobshawSam WarburtonRugby unionDonald McRaeguardian.co.uk © 2013 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies.
All rights reserved. | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds MIT will receive up to $25 million in funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) as part of a new five-year project intended to fight poverty by developing and evaluating useful technologies for communities around the globe.“People here really care about doing something for the world’s poor,” says Bish Sanyal, the Ford International Professor of Urban Development and Planning in MIT’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning (DUSP), who is one of the leaders of the Institute’s participation in the project.MIT’s
role in the new program will involve two related but distinct enterprises: The Institute’s D-Lab will help lead a consortium of higher-education institutions in creating the International Development Innovation Network (IDIN), which aims to foster and provide structure for technological innovation in developing countries. The Comprehensive Initiative on Technology Evaluation (CITE) — which DUSP and six other groups within MIT will help develop — will assess technologies intended

to alleviate poverty and determine which will have the most impact. “We were very excited when we heard about this grant,” says D-Lab founder Amy Smith, a senior lecturer in MIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering. The USAID backing, she adds, represents “an effort to promote local innovation and to increase the problem-solving and creative capacities of communities around the world, so that people are solving problems [themselves] rather

than relying on external sources.” MIT is one of six academic institutions involved in the project, along with six nongovernmental organizations.
The other academic partners in the IDIN are Colorado State University, Franklin Olin College of Engineering, the University of California at Davis, the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana and the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil.
As part of the CITE program, MIT will work with the International Rescue Committee, Mercy Corps, Oxfam America, Partners in Health, UNICEF and the World Food Program.Building innovation networks The IDIN portion of the program will involve, among other things, 12 international design summits to look at technologies helping local development, along with the building of eight Innovation Hubs globally to act as centers for technological development. IDIN will work on innovations in a wide variety of areas, including agriculture, clean drinking water, improvement of power sources in rural areas and health-care projects.A
crucial part of the IDIN’s work

is the linkage of technologists from around the world, sometimes through intensive, monthlong workshops that Smith has developed. “A lot of time people don’t have the resources or training to engage in these activities,” Smith says. “One of the things that’s exciting about the IDIN grant is that it helps give us the capacity to build a network of innovators, and tap into that network to solve challenges.”
The CITE project, on the other hand, will involve the development of rigorous evaluation methods for new technologies — aiming to address the problem of promising innovations that do not necessarily take hold as intended in developing countries. “Our problem is not simply the supply of technological solutions,” Sanyal says. “The problem is that the solutions are not assessed.” As a result, he notes, funding for global development has not always been guided toward the most effective solutions. Even if you forget to log out of Gmail from one computer, you can log out of your account on that machine from another computer. Mr. Holmes led NASA’s manned spaceflight program during a period that included John Glenn’s orbit of Earth and helped set the stage for the first moon landing. A paper published in Nature Communications details the 2006 discovery of the fossilized remains of a giant camel in Canada. "3 Questions" is a series from the MIT News Office that gives members of the community the opportunity to sound off on google sniper review in their field of expertise. In this installment, Kosta Tsipis, former director of MIT's Program in Science and Technology for International Security, discusses the threats posed

by nuclear proliferation. Tsipis is also a longtime member of the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs, a group that works to reduce the threats posed by nuclear weapons.We want to hear your feedback and suggestions.
Please contact the News Office at newsoffice@mit.edu,
and be sure to write "3 Questions" in the subject line.Q. How much should the new Obama administration focus on

stopping nuclear proliferation? Should it be a top priority?A.
Nuclear Proliferation has two forms: 1.) The de novo acquisition of a nuclear arsenal by a Nuclear Proliferation Treaty signatory state like Iran. 2.)
The acquisition of a nuclear explosive, or the needed fissile material to construct one,

by a nonstate group such as a terrorist organization.The
Obama administration apparently considers nuclear proliferation a top priority.
It appears to be involved in robust dialogue with Iran regarding the latter's nuclear intentions.
Over the past year a group of U.S.
nuclear nonproliferation experts, including William Perry, past U.S. Secretary of Defense and a member of the Obama campaign's

national security working group, have held a series of meetings in the Hague and Vienna with Iranian officials, under the auspices of the Pugwash group (Pugwash, founded in 1957 by an international group of scientists close to their national governments, received the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1995

for its persistent efforts to limit the threat of nuclear war and the elimination of nuclear weapons). In such meetings, Pugwash scientists participate in their private capacity but then they

inform their respective governments about the outcome of their deliberations.Q.
How have the risks associated with nuclear proliferation evolved over the past two decades, as we have moved beyond the Cold War and into the post-9/11 era?A. During the Cold War, the concern was the limitation of the unbridled proliferation of the number of nuclear weapons in the arsenals of the United States and the Soviet Union. By the late 1960s, the United States and the Soviet Union possessed several thousand nuclear weapons, some of them in hair-trigger readiness for their use. Vigorous nuclear arms control efforts and the resulting Limitation Treaties between the two nations stemmed the quantitative arms race and reduced the risk of a nuclear war. Now the dominant proliferation risk is the acquisition of nuclear explosives by parastate or nonstate entities such as a terrorist organization. So the goal is to deny them access either to ready nuclear explosives or to fissionable material, enriched uranium 235 or plutonium 239. Therefore the nonproliferation efforts of

the Obama administration must focus on how to safeguard such items and how to disrupt the efforts of terrorists to acquire, transport and detonate a nuclear explosive in a populated area.Q. What can and should be done to minimize the risks of nuclear proliferation?A. There is a wide-ranging number of mutually reinforcing antiproliferation measures that can be undertaken immediately:1.) Secure existing nuclear explosives, and enriched uranium that can fuel nuclear explosives, against theft or clandestine

purchase.2.) Limit production of 5 percent enriched uranium as fuel for civilian nuclear reactors only in few centers globally, combined with formal unconditional guarantees of supply to nations with nuclear power plants, and so break the nexus between civilian nuclear power and the sub rosa proliferation of nuclear weapons to additional states.3.) De-emphasize the utility of nuclear weapons in the defense planning of nuclear nations, especially in the cases of the United States, Russia, Israel, Pakistan and India.4.) Strengthen the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) verification of reprocessing facilities in nations with nuclear power plants, and of the routine operations of CANDU reactors.5.)
Reduce the number of deliverable nuclear weapons in the arsenals of nuclear nations and especially those of the United States and Russia, ultimately leading toward the complete elimination of such weapons.6.) Adopt a complete "no first use" agreement among all nuclear states.7.) Complete all such counter-proliferation agreements during the 2010 NPT Treaty Review by initiating intense negotiations during the summer 2009 preparatory conference.
Demonstrating the stark ideological divide between abortion supporters and opponents, Texas Gov.
Rick Perry (R) argued Thursday that state Sen. Wendy Davis (D) should have learned more from her own life experience.
Read full article


# by naconbuy on on 2013-Nov-21

Social practice artists blur the lines among object making, performance and activism, creating participatory work that often flourishes beyond galleries and museums.
Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" saw a surge in sales over the past week following the Boston Maratho[...]British
director fails to appear for indie western Jane Got a

Gun, her follow-up to We Need to Talk About KevinConfusion has erupted on the set of independent drama Jane Got a Gun after director Lynne Ramsay failed to turn up for work on the first day of shooting in Santa Fe, New Mexico, according to Deadline.Ramsay's
follow-up to the critically

acclaimed We Need to Talk About Kevin, Jane Got a Gun is a western that is to star Natalie Portman in the title role, as well as Joel Edgerton, Jude Law and Rodrigo Santoro. When the cast arrived for work on Monday morning they were told the British film-maker was a no-show.

Scott Steindorff has described Ramsay's behaviour as "irresponsible". Earlier today it was announced that Warrior's Gavin O'Connor would take charge of production, with suggestions he will begin work as early as tomorrow.
The Hollywood Reporter described "clashes" between Steindorff and Ramsay, though no details have yet emerged. Deadline is also suggesting that Law has dropped out, as a result of Ramsay's departure."I
have millions of dollars invested, we're ready to shoot, we have a great script, crew and cast," Steindorff said.
"I'm shocked and so disappointed someone would do this to 150 crew members who devoted so much time, energy, commitment and loyalty to a project, and then have the director not show up.

It is insane somebody would do this to other people.
I feel more for the crew and their families, but we are keeping the show going on, directors are flying in, and a replacement is imminent."Steindorff,
who has invested in the project via his Scott Pictures production company, said he was considering his legal options. "This comes down to an irresponsible act by one person."Ramsay's apparent decision to

not appear for the first day of the shoot is virtually unprecedented in Hollywood, but the director of Morvern Callar and Ratcatcher has yet to make a public statement and had not responded to a request to comment by the Guardian by the time of publication.Jane
Got a Gun is based on a screenplay by Brian Duffield which made the 2011 Black List of the best unproduced scripts in Hollywood and would have marked Ramsay's first feature project by another screenwriter.
Portman, best known for her Oscar-winning turn in Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan, plays a farmer's wife whose outlaw husband returns home bloodied and near death after his gang turn on him.
When the miscreants reappear to finish the job, Jane must enlist the help of an old flame to defend her life and home.Ramsay left an adaptation of Alice Sebold's bestselling novel The Lovely Bones in 2004 after producers declared an interest in seeing a film version that was more faithful to the book.
The film was eventually directed by Peter Jackson in a rare critical bomb from the Lord of the Rings film-maker.Natalie PortmanJude LawFilm industryUnited StatesWesternsDramaBen Childguardian.co.uk
© 2013 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies.
All rights reserved.
| Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds One night before concluding his solo headlining tour of the United States former Smiths guitarist Jo[...] Follow how the day unfolded after the destruction of the minaret on Aleppo's grand mosque and amid continuing concern about the use of chemical weapons in SyriaMatthew forex growth bot Turbo-prop planes and regional jets are a crucial part of the airlines' route strategies and are often the only way a business traveler can easily get to a destination, but road warriors hate flying them.
Maybe Instagram’s privacy blunder took the bloom off the rose, but that’s no reason to stop sharing photos through social media as Instagram alternatives like Tadaa continue to emerge.
Diaperless babies are the latest fad, budget cuts are expected to bring some airport delays, whether the rich pay too little in taxes and other consumer-focused news from The New York Times.    
The composer John Zorn, as defiantly nonconformist as ever, is being honored

in a worldwide festival in his 60th-birthday year.    
If you're sitting down while reading this, get up. The United States continues to work closely with

Portugal to find ways to expand and deepen two-way trade and investment to better reflect historically strong political, geostrategic and security ties between the two countries. Portugal’s continued drive to modernize and diversify its economy will offer possibilities for growth in U.S. trade and investment over the medium and long term. Demand for high-quality, price-competitive U.S.
products in Portugal is strong, and privatization of several large government-owned companies will provide additional

opportunities for investment.With
the intent to encourage investment and bilateral trade between the United States and Portugal, with particular focus in the Azores, U.S.
Ambassador to Portugal Allan J. Katz led a Business Development Road Show. The MIT Portugal Program participated as a partner in this six-day event (April 28-May 3, 2013) bringing 24 Portuguese companies and institutions to Boston, Mass., and Kansas City, Miss.While
in Boston on May 1, the ambassador and the companies visited the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC), the largest flexible office facility for growing technology and life sciences companies in the Greater Boston

More than 450 companies are currently located at the CIC. This was followed by a meeting with the Mass Technology Leadership Council and the Mass High Technology Council. The Mass Technology Leadership Council is the region’s leading technology association and the premier network for tech executives, entrepreneurs, investors and policy leaders. The Mass

High Technology Council is an advocate for competitive public policies and practices to sustain Massachusetts as a globally preeminent economy in which to live and work, and to create, operate and expand high tech businesses.Visitors toured the MIT

Media Lab, an interdisciplinary research laboratory. MIT Media Lab staff and students have backgrounds ranging from electrical engineering and computer science to sociology and music and others. Recently, the Media Lab has focused particularly on design and technologies that address social causes.Later,
MIT Portugal Program Director Professor Dava Newman welcomed the ambassador and the companies. The convoy had lunch with MIT Portugal Program staff and students, including those involved in the eTeams III. The eTeams III is a 2-week intense “contact-sport” curriculum designed for non-U.S. start-up companies to be exposed to, make lasting links within and gain practical entrepreneurial skills useful for the start-up culture of the MIT/Kendall Square ecosystem.
This program exemplifies how the MIT Portugal Program harnesses the Institute’s ever-present entrepreneurial and innovative spirit. U.S.
stocks rose for a fourth week, sending the Standard & Poor's 500-stock index to its longest winning streak since August, on speculation that the economy is recovering from the worst contraction since the 1930s. A selected, critical guide to the visual arts in New York and the region.     Relatives met in Nelson Mandela’s ancestral village to discuss “delicate matters” — a euphemism widely interpreted to mean preparations for his death.    
A deal with Nielsen will micro niche finder to measure viewing whether on television or online.
In an effort to cut down on concussions, head

trauma and other injuries, the Pacific-12 Conference is establishing a policy to limit the amount of contact made during football practices beginning this season.     Ice Hot, a festival of Nordic dance opening on Wednesday at the Joyce Theater, will expose New York audiences to contemporary dance from Denmark, Norway and Finland.
A dual review of what’s new, by smoky-voiced chanteuse Karen Elson and legendary moonwalker Buzz Aldrin. A rare glimpse into a public school teacher's performance evaluation, the hypersensitive center of an education reform movement that aims to improve how teachers do their jobs. Labour leader mocks chancellor in opposition response to budget claiming Britons are worse off after string of broken political promises and missed fiscal targetsEd Miliband condemned George Osborne on Wednesday as a "downgraded chancellor", saying the country is now "worse off" than when the coalition was formed nearly three years ago.After the chancellor admitted that growth forecasts have been adjusted downwards and that the nation's borrowing has increased, Miliband seized on the latest Office of Budget Responsibility figures, saying they showed "real" household incomes had fallen for three years.He mocked Osborne in his Commons response to the budget, on the same day that Osborne launched his official Twitter account. "All he has to offer is just more of the same budget. Today, the chancellor joined Twitter.
He could have got it all into 140 characters: growth down, borrowing up, families hit, and millionaires laughing all the way to the bank. #downgraded chancellor," he said.Drawing
on research by the House of Commons Library, the opposition claimed that a family with a single income of £20,000 a year would be £600 worse off by 2015 than they were in 2010, even taking account of other measures such as the rise in the income tax

official: Britain is worse off under the Tories," added Miliband.Labour sought

to highlight the coalition's struggle to revive the economy and a second issue now likely to define the next general election: living standards.After accusing the

chancellor of a string of broken promises on improvements to the national debt, deficit and economic growth, Miliband added: "Who is paying the price for the chancellor's failure? Britain's families. In his first budget he predicted that living standards would rise over the parliament. But wages are flat. Prices are rising. And Britain's families are squeezed."Labour's claim that the government's austerity programme is to blame for the sustained low growth was the other theme of Miliband's often theatrical speech, which had Labour MPs chanting along with him.He
repeated a trick from prime minister's questions by demanding that David Cameron and other cabinet members admit whether they would benefit from a cut in the top rate of income tax from 50p to 45p for people earning more than £150,000 a year, which comes into force at the start of April."This
is the chancellor's fourth budget," he began. "Every budget he comes to this house and things are worse, not better, for this country. And all he offers is more of the same: a more-of-the-same budget from a downgraded chancellor," said Miliband, referring to the decision by the credit rating agency Standard & Poor's to cut Britain by one notch from the top AAA rating in February."Under
this government the bad news just doesn't stop," added Miliband, ridiculing Cameron's promise last year that "the good news will keep coming".Miliband also highlighted the failures of previous government attempts to revive the house-building and buying markets, including last year's google sniper the right-to-buy scheme would help 100,000 people. A year later, only 1,500 have participated in the scheme."That's
98,500 broken promises," he added.
"For all the launches, strategies and plans, housing completions are now at the lowest level since the 1920s."Ed
MilibandLabourGeorge OsborneBudget 2013BudgetEconomic growth (GDP)EconomicsTwitterInternetBloggingOffice for Budget ResponsibilityEconomic policyGovernment borrowingBudget deficitJuliette Jowitguardian.co.uk
© 2013 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies. All rights reserved. | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds As Congress debates an overhaul of immigration laws, border officials in Arizona say that they have already made many enforcement advances that lawmakers seek.
To get professional results, you have to have great drywall taping tools.
I love using my stainless-steel mud pan. I use

a flexible taping knife that's just

under six inches wide. Before I used it the first time, I used a metal file to slightly round the corners of the tool. Straight from

the fac... In an age of so many real and imagined terrors, can we learn to be brave?In 1999, documentary maker Polly Morland bought some unfeasibly big pants from M&S in readiness for a trip to Kosovo. She would be shooting a sequence that involved the excavation of mass graves, and had been warned that she would be required to change into forensic overalls alongside police investigators. The pants were to protect her modesty but also, in a way, to shield her from the full horror of what was about to be revealed in the death pits. If she's honest, she says, she's not sure which of the two threats to her composure panicked her most. Either way, this was not what you'd call a Martha Gellhorn moment.Morland
tells the story to show that, despite having made a career out of paddling in dangerous shallows, she is not what you'd call naturally brave. Still, she's met plenty of people who are, and in this book she sets out to rummage inside their psyches to see if there is something – a trick of thinking, a way of being – that can be isolated, amplified and reproduced by the more craven among us. In an age of so many real and imagined terrors can we, in fact, learn to be brave?Wisely, perhaps, Morland doesn't use her enormous pants as the organising idea of her investigation.

Instead she revives an anecdotal curio from 1940s New York. As the US shuddered and galvanised itself after Pearl Harbour, a group of anxious musicians gathered in the Upper West Side apartment of concert pianist Bernard Gabriel.
Each was paralysed by stage fright, finding it impossible to perform in public. Gabriel's solution was to get them to play on their instruments while the rest of the room bished and bashed, chatted and shrieked, blew whistles and rang bells. After
a session of Gabriel's rough desensitising, stepping on stage at Carnegie Hall felt like a breeze.
The name Gabriel gave to

his dry-mouthed musicians was The Society of Timid Souls.One of Morland's first steps is to track down the descendants of those fearful New York orchestralists. These days it turns out they're all on beta blockers and managing just fine.
It's different, though, for solo performers. Morland talks to soprano Renée Fleming, who was booed by the loggionisti, the critical section of Milan's

La Scala opera house, in 1998 and had to take a year off before she could sing a note in public again.
But, in truth, a book about panicking musicians does not make for riveting narrative, so Morland moves swiftly on to the kind of stuff that we can all agree is really, really brave.She tells the story of Martin fat burning furnace review paratrooper who went to the aid of a wounded comrade in Helmand in 2011, and was killed by an IED. And then there's Fleur Lombard, the first

British female firefighter to be killed on duty.
And David Alderson, who remains physically whole but psychologically clipped after a career spent detonating bombs.
There is a dramatic yet unforced quality to the testimony that Morland extracts as she sits with the survivors and onlookers in a series of tidy suburban sitting rooms, discussing various versions of hell.
And what all her talking heads agree on is this: being brave isn't a moral choice so much as a deep, sweaty instinct. Even if you've been trained for this moment, something anarchic always takes over. (Bell, a model soldier, was disobeying a direct order when he went to aid his friend.)Morland doesn't confine herself to the bravery of men

and women on active service.
Taking a broader, splashier canvas, she seeks out those birdmen who scale glassy skyscrapers for fun, or shin up rock faces with nothing between them and death

other than some well-chalked fingers.
Then there are the surfers of monster waves and the professional tightrope walkers who inch their way over urban chasms.
These men – and they are all men – tend to talk about something "spiritual" in their quest to stare down death, sidestepping Morland's gentle probing, as if to show how bravado differs from actually being brave.Morland
does push harder, though, when it comes to that old Aristotelian chestnut about whether a bad man can ever be truly courageous. In sticky old pubs she talks to villains who, no matter what else you think about them, can hardly be accused of bottling it when they charge into a bank and demand the day's takings. From there she journeys to rural Wales to speak to a group of people who are not bad at all, but simply very dull. In Monmouthshire there is a toastmaster-training circle where quiet people attempt to conquer their fear of public shouting. From there it's off to Boston to investigate a different kind of moral courage, that of Bernard Lafayette, a veteran civil rights campaigner.In less accomplished hands The Society of Timid Souls would be a horrible hodge podge. But Morland keeps her rhetorical register so high that her narrative just about holds together as she rackets round the world in search of bravehearts.
Only towards the end do conceptual fissures start to crack the high lustre of her prose. For the difference between a soldier giving up his life to save his mate, a matador teasing an enraged a bull in the name of sport, or a woman intervening between a slavering rottweiler and a friend's baby are so enormous that they can't be mapped on to a single scale. And while Morland gestures towards

building an intellectual framework that would allow her to make comparisons across time and space and culture, understandably she never manages it.
What we have, instead, is a series of beautifully written vignettes that function as a meditation on bravery's lovely shimmer, rather than a dissection of its battered heart.Health,
mind and bodyKathryn Hughesguardian.co.uk
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