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They Don't See the Crack

In 2004 I brought my (French) partner on trip around Ireland in a bid to show off our beautiful country. I took many photos along the way, but one series in particular has become widely viewed here on Pixie.

The shots I took at the cliffs of Moher have shocked thousands of people as they captured the people literally risking their lives unnecessarily:

"Cliffs of Moher - Darwin Awards Candidate"

Cliffs of Moher - Darwin Awards Candidate

The description reads "Where is this woman going!?!"

A few minutes later, a man walked right out to the ledge and stood there seemingly unaware of the monster crack less than a meter away under his feet.

"They Don't See the CRACK"

They Don't See the CRACK

Imagine my surprise then when tonight I noticed that another Pixie user had uploaded the very same photo taken 6 years later...

OMG - The ledge is GONE!!!!!!!

Quintessential Cliffs of Moher

Thanks to gallftree for upload this new photo entitled "Quintessential Cliffs of Moher".

I wonder if anyone was standing on that ledge when it finally fell...



# by JonJames on on 2011-Aug-21

Great photos, scary to think that it could have collapsed anytime someone was on it :0


# by TheSpaceBetween on on 2011-Aug-31

It really does look like the before and a few minutes later after image.


# by Karenklille on on 2011-Dec-27

Lucky people who are in the first two pics.

Bathroom Cabinets


# by Marcus on on 2011-Aug-21

I found an news article talking about the collapse of the ledge: http://www.independent.ie/national-news/daredevil-ledge-collapses-into-ocean-2288091.html

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