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Pixie 2011 Photo Of The Year

The job of choosing the best photos from the previous year has now become Pixie tradition (see previous years 2010 and 2009) and each year we trawl through tens of thousands of photos carefully longlisting, then shortlisting before finally selecting the top 50. We do our best to ensure variety in terms of subject, occasion, technique, uniqueness and quality, but ultimately, trying to eliminate photos from the shortlist of 250 photos down to just 50 is soul destroying as we have to loose so many great shots.

Well done to those that made the list, and sorry to those that didn't... 

Photo Of The Year 2011

Congratulations to leimrod on being selected as the Photo Of The Year 2011. This shot is simply wonderful. 

"Sucker Window" by leimrod

The Top 50 Photos of 2011

"I come in peace" by liamp

"Dung Fly with breakfast" by Mikka631

"Pug Dread" by cufa

"raise the liberty hall" by Aidan18

"Burn!" by MalachyKelly

"Bark !" by Tony aka LLED

"the flock" by Aidan18

"Outside" by Covey

"TV = 21" Softbox" by DaviDOS

"Temptation" by brianmcnamara

"IMG_3169_70_71_tonemapped" by keithjack

"flying high" by bumbleb

"Venice - Sleep walking to work" by Margaret Morrissey

"Glowsticks" by Falcon7012

"Smokin......" by pullandbang

"Octopus' Garden" by dakar

"Rebirth" by Fran

"Sowing the seeds ... " by Cagey75

"Sad" by Adrian

"fly2" by WimPeeters78

"Kiss me ..." by villafan

"My Multiple Worlds" by DangerMouse

"Lloyds" by ldnphotowalk

"Bloomin Buzzin.." by SusieQue

"Eye Contact Mono" by SusieQue

"big enough to cry " by aafke

"What Rain?" by DangerMouse

"Gorana003" by Angel

"Green Giant" by Mick H 51

"Hanging on" by Falcon7012

"Fly by Wire" by Adrian

"Smile for the camera" by MissusPandB

"SL 2" by JonJames

"morbid colourful arrangement" by nicolasreuland

"ISS over the 10th fairway - Ballykisteen" by Shane Murphy

"Daisy on Green" by Philip

"seeing myself in you" by artvaleri

"IMG_0077" by vulcan

"One day, all of this will be mine..." by trooney

"Bridging the gap" by shaz

"Sculpture" by swieler

"Northwall Walker" by seanky

"Wild Horses" by teegee

"The Angry Mob" by villafan

"Free" by Adrian

"Ascension" by Covey

"Pixie rouge" by HughC

"Monsoon" by TBSteve

"Baz" by pullandbang

Thanks to everyone who uploaded photos in 2011 and we are all really looking forward to seeing what 2012 brings! 

Happy New Year everyeone!



# by JonJames on on 2012-Jan-01

Well done leimrod, and i'm delighted to be included in all this fine work, some truly amazing photography in the 50, rather you pixie than me, im sure its a tough decision getting it down to this amount, so thanks once again to all at pixie.

happy snapping 2012!!


# by pullandbang on on 2012-Jan-01

Great selection of shots and the overall winner is a fantastic landscape.


# by Adrian on on 2012-Jan-01

Great shot leimroad - a good choice for POTY!

Happy snapping to all @ pixie in 2012!


# by MissusPandB on on 2012-Jan-01

Delighted to see one of my shots included in the top 50, thank you so much pixie. Congrats to the overall winner and everyone who made the top 50. 


# by DangerMouse on on 2012-Jan-01

Well done everyone who made the cut and thank you very much for your support & feedback in 2011! ;o)


# by TBSteve on on 2012-Jan-01

Thanks pix.ie peeps.

It's an honour to have my photo included in this company.


# by sNarah on on 2012-Jan-01

Superb selection of the year, fantastic to see so many familiar names in there. Well done to all involved!


# by bumbleb on on 2012-Jan-02

Thank you just found out im in the top 50 delighted and congratulations to everyone and to the overall winner happy new year to everyone in pix....


# by Aidan18 on on 2012-Jan-02

Stunning Array of shote here and I am honoured to have been included Congrats to "Sucker Window" by leimrod

 Thanks pix.ie  & a happy new year to all 


# by Angel on on 2012-Jan-02

Well done to the leimrod Brilliant shot.


# by cufa on on 2012-Jan-03

I'm cuffed to be featured - there have been some amazing TOTDs this year. Well done everyone!


# by Covey on on 2012-Jan-03

Well done Liamrod. Some great stuff there in thea 50.


# by nicolasreuland on on 2012-Jan-03

Wow. What a collection! And thanks for the vote. Much appreciated!

PS: no mackerel were harmed in the making of that shot. 


# by Maggy Morrissey on on 2012-Jan-04

Thanks Pix.ie - a great start to the photographic year.  I can only imagine how difficult a task it was to narrow down to 50. Congrats leimrod - stunning shot - and congrats to all who who made the 50.


# by Mick H 51 on on 2012-Jan-04

Congrats to Leimrod on a fantastic shot!

and well done to everyone else who made the top 50

a fine variety of work.

heres to more great shots in 2012

Happy New Year!!


# by leimrod on on 2012-Jan-05

Sorry for not replying for so long. I've been speechless by the accolade. I guess I'm too close to the subject matter. I always find my mountain photography falls short of imbuing the actually majesty and scale of the landscapes I visit. If at least one person visits the mountains after viewing my photographs I'll have succeeded. I want to walk in the footsteps of great landscape photographers like Ansel Adams, who initially made me want to see those places with my own eyes. 

I'll also say "Wow" to everyone else in the shortlist. Some exceptional photographs there that I'm honored to be placed beside. 


# by Philip on on 2012-Jan-05

Well done leimrod, fantastic work and I am chuffed to be included as well ...


# by HughC on on 2012-Jan-05

Very chuffed to be in here considering m lack of presence! Thansk a mil folks, hopefully I can bring more to the table in 2012. Leimrod your image is stunning - I spend as much time up the mountains here in Ireland and elsewhere as family life permits and this, I've go to say, is a masterpiece.


# by oonat on on 2012-Jan-05

All are a joy to view again or for the first time. Big congratulations to all.


# by SteveJ on on 2012-Jan-06

Fantastic work from everyone. @leimrod, I understand what you're saying about the difficulties of doing justice to mountainous landscapes - having been on a few snowboarding holidays I always felt it was a near impossible task. But you have definitely achieved that with your shot, great work.


# by PhogPix on on 2012-Jan-06

Only spotted this now, great shots, some are so simply and yet each have a wow factor. Keep up the good work in 2012.


# by aafke on on 2012-Jan-07

@leimrod  your mountain pic -and i notice you have a good few more on pixie- deserve the top spot. beauty!

@pixie  you picked 50 super shots, which must not have been easy. i am honoured -humbled would be a better word- to find myself in the company of such class, including some people who became true friends over the years.


# by davispolk on on 2012-Feb-07

Wow, These are excellent pictures, I love it too.. Thanks for sharing


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# by atticconversion on on 2012-Jul-05

I like starring at all pictures. Awesome!

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