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Pixie 2013 Photo Of The Year

Following on from our tradition of choosing the best 50 photos of the previous year, we are delighted to announce this year's top 50!

Big congratulations to Chris Connolly on being our top choice this year and winning the title of "Pixie Photographer of the Year 2013" with this amazing photo:

"P2" by Flasharry

As with previous years (2012, 2011, 2010 & 2009), it was very a difficult choice to select just one as so many of the remaining images below were equally deserving of the title...

Happy New Year to all and congrats to everyone!

"Snuggle up, little ones." by joeyc

"A Cabin in the Woods" by leimrod

"giddy up" by joeyc

"The Great Fireball of Pollet Arch" by BrenONeill

"Fanad-Lighthouse sunrise" by BrenONeill

"The eyes have it" by asadlier

"Male Mallard Portrait" by LLED

"I hear that @DaireQuinlan has been calling my bovinity into question. I'm not happy..." by dakar

"Little Lady In Red" by kevindeane

"If it could talk..." by leimrod

"The Witch's Cauldron" by leimrod

"Ewes r all lookin at me!" by joeyc

"music" by joeyc

"green,white & orange" by lunasa

"Are ya busy...." by MickH51

"Abstract Bokeh" by RobertGraham

"Parkour" by NIKONDAVE

"Coming out" by pullandbang

"IMG_1567-1c" by Loki98

"Getting air_7498" by Foamcutter

"moonlight dip" by liamp

"Shooting in the Rain" by Goolay

"Chess " by jackie

"The longest day" by leimrod

"_DSC3881m" by asadlier

"Waterfight!" by dakar

"Infernal" by Focused

"Flying dive" by thebaz

"Rolling Stones" by thebaz

"~evening rush" by insejn

"Walk the Line" by RobertGraham

"I'm forever blowing bubbles" by magnumlady

"Undercarriage" by villafan

"in flight entertainment" by nicolasreuland

"Feeding time" by MissusPandB

"P8107096a" by jackie

"up-1" by gerk86

"Poolbeg" by Loki98

"Nr. Armoy. N.I." by eamonnwitter

"Swoosh" by MickH51

"Droplet reflection 2" by MissusPandB

"RJ85 (Leinster Livery)" by ronlyn

"esp" by craanc

"Tony Stark" by nonsequitir

"Thru' the dolls house windows." by IRELANDSOWN

"Aviva in 8mm glory" by Shanemurphy

"storm at clogher beach" by heidiwitt

"Flatiron Reflections" by dakar

"Tabby Rocks...... with a touch of bokeh!" by Shanemurphy



# by Tallon on on 2014-Jan-01

Absolutely brilliant photos!!! Well done all


# by Brianp on on 2014-Jan-01

Amazing stuff. 


# by Sharon on on 2014-Jan-01

Wow! Those photos are just fantastic, well done everyone 


# by magnumlady on on 2014-Jan-01

Thanks so much for adding one of mine :)


# by Garrett on on 2014-Jan-01

Well done to all

# by Goolay on on 2014-Jan-01

What an honour! Great company to be in :)

# by JohnSmyth on on 2014-Jan-01

great pictures !


# by Chris Connolly on on 2014-Jan-01

Hi Guys, what a way to end 2013....... I just got home, checked my emails & have discovered that one of my photos has won the pix.ie 2013 photo of the year - I am absolutely gobsmacked by this honour. When I look back at all the fantastic photographs that were uploaded onto this site in the last year (especially the trouble that some of you have gone to ie: getting up from your warm bed in the middle of the night, probably in the freezing cold, going out into stormy weather & travelling long distances to God knows where in order to get the shot), I am truly humbled by this honour. This has given me the motivation to get up off my ass & get out there to take more photos in 2014 - Thank you sooooo much........Cheers Chris.


# by nonsequitir on on 2014-Jan-02

Always a great honour to be included.  Great 1st choice.  Some truly inspirational images this year.  Well done to all.


# by nicolasreuland on on 2014-Jan-02

Great selection of shots, as for previous years there has been a visible effort to make the top 50 all-inclusive and catering for all tastes. Not an easy task! 

By kids were absolutely chuffed to see themselves in there  :) 


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