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Once your video is complete, we’ll send you an email to the address you provided at checkout.

This email will include a secure link for you to download your video directly to your own local storage.

Your video is provided in an MP4 format which is a widely accepted video format. Depending on the nature of the video, most people share their video online through social media e.g. Facebook or YouTube.

Some people send the MP4 file by email. Some email providers allow you to embed the video within the body of the email, or you add it as an attachment.

Alternatively you can host it on a cloud hosting service and share the link directly with your intended viewers.

Those business customers with a website may wish to add the video to their site.

Your video will be in Full HD, MP4 format.

Absolutely. We currently use PayPal for all payments which means that your Payment is processed by PayPal from start to finish. We do not receive or store any of your financial data.

Good question.

Due to the virtual nature of the products we produce, we will only provide refunds where we have made an error and a replacement video is not an option. Replacement videos are at our discretion.

An example of an error would be a difference in the text in the final video to that which you provided on the checkout form. Always doublecheck your text before sending. As we state on the checkout form, the text you provide will be used exactly as-is. We cannot assume mispellings etc.

Additionally, the quality and resolution of any uploaded image i.e. logo is the responsibility of the customer. We will use the provided logo as-is. A low resolution logo may not look well in the final video.

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