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Date Taken: 2009-Jun-22 16:13
Date Uploaded: 2009-Jun-22 19:00

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# by Marcus on 2009-Jun-22

Please check your email!

# by craanc on 2009-Jun-22

Ahh ok. Well I had originally set up one folder in order to whittle down what I wanted to put into competition folder. I can see fully where you're coming from though.

Thanks a lot for that....yeah I like Pix.ie a lot but do have trouble getting about. Feel like a dunderhead now.

# by DangerMouse on 2009-Jun-25

I'm wondering how the pic would look like with little bit more saturation of the colour part. Otherwise, well done.

BTW: I believe there is no need to feel as above for not getting everything the first time. I still occasionally discover something on pix.ie that I didn't have a clue about...and have a look at my joining date. :o)

# by craanc on 2009-Jun-25

Thanks DM. Yeah I could have brought them up a little but I had to scoot off before finishing properly...but ah y'know...still like it.

Yeah I like Pix.ie and have tried to get into it more but just don't feel that I've fully conected with it (or it hasn't me). So I've tried to be more pro-active and that does seam to have helped a bit. Still get lost or find myself down cul-de-sacs. But I'll plug away...I might even tidy up some folders at some point!!

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