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Date Taken: 2010-Mar-15 14:38
Date Uploaded: 2010-Mar-16 10:21

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St Patrick Arrives Again


Wheely Fun: St Patrick (Johnny Murphy) and RTE's Des Cahill (left) and Aidan Power. Sports presenter Des Cahill will provide live commentary as the pageantry weaves its way along the 3km parade route, while Blathnaid Ni Chofaigh and Aidan Power will present the parade live on RTE 1. Photo: Robbie Reynolds


# by twixie on 2010-Mar-16
# by Shane Murphy on 2010-Mar-16

Love it. St Patrick's TOTD.

# by TheSpaceBetween on 2010-Mar-16

Im confused, Its a great shot but did you take the shot? Im asking this as the other photo in your profile is from another photographer? And you are Crediting the photographer "Robbie Reynolds" for this one?? Im just asking this as i thought TOTD was for Photographs taken by the owner. If i am wrong then fair enough?!

# by Marcus on 2010-Mar-16

This is a PR company's account and the photo was taken by Robbie (whom I know well as he used to work for my father). Robbie will have been commissioned to shot these shots on behalf of the St Patrick's Festival and a publication license will have been agreed and granted by Robbie to the PR company convering this and other shots.

Regarding Photo of the Day, there are no hard and fast rules for chosing. This is deliberate and keeps the possibilities open. This particular photo was chosen as it was fun, topical and helps promote St Patrick's Day tomorrow (we're patriotic!). (For the record: we didn't receive any incentive to chose this photo nor were we asked to do so by the PR company)

I hope this clears things up!

# by TheSpaceBetween on 2010-Mar-17

Thanks for the quick reply Marcus, Thats cool think i was just a little quick off the mark :) my apologies.

Nothings better than St Paddy's day images keep them coming... Look forward to seeing more..

# by SusieQue on 2010-Mar-16

Great shot... whoever took it :-) Happy Paddys Day everyone!!! (for 2moro)

# by jackie on 2010-Mar-16

Great choice

# by gallftree on 2010-Mar-16

Excellent Action Shot!!!! Congrats on your TOTD

# by Made in Hollywood on 2010-Mar-17

I've a sneaky feeling that one of our St Patrick's Festival signs in the basket. 

There nearly as cool as St.Pat himself, who is way cool with the shades on.

# by teegee on 2010-Mar-18

Great shot

# by MiPiX on 2010-Mar-19

nice one well done on the totd

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