Little Christmas Messenger Boy


This happy little chappy is ideal for any business to say Happy Christmas and a fun way to thank your customers. This video requires a logo and has an optional text field to add a website address or other short url.

This video can be personalised with:

  • Number of Editable Text Areas? 1
  • Logo Option?  Yes (Required)
  • Optional website address e.g.

Before you place your order, read the information and instructions below.

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- You will add your custom text and upload your image / logo on the final CHECKOUT page. (the page after the Cart).
- Your final video will include the text exactly as you provide at the time of order.
- Your uploaded image/logo will be used exactly you provided at the time of order.
- All videos are produced and delivered in Full HD with stereo quality audio.
- Audio files cannot be changed from the sample and are fully copyright compliant.

Follow these steps for a seamless checkout experience.
    1. Choose your video and Add To Cart. then Go To Checkout.

    2. At the Checkout, first add any image/logo by clicking the blue 'Upload File1/1'. Select a single image/logo and upload.
    We recommend that your image/logo is a high resolution image to ensure a quality finish.
    A PNG file (.png) with a transparent background is recommended.
    Note: If your image/logo file has uploaded successfully, the blue 'Upload File 1/1' button will change to 'Modify File 1/1'.
    If you want to change the image, just click the blue button and upload a different image.

    3. Next add your custom text in the box on the bottom left of the screen.
    Note: For each sentence you should:
      - Use short sentences i.e. no more than 4-5 words per sentence.
      - Take care to correctly type and spell your wording as you want it using Captials for First Names etc.
    E.g. If you wanted to change 'Merry Christmas And Happy New Year' in one of the videos to 'Happy Christmas Flynn Family!' then just type it as is should appear on the video i.e. Happy Christmas Flynn Family! (i.e. without the quotation marks obviously). Don't add anything extra - just the exact wording, spelling and capitalisation that you want on your video.
      - Add a full stop or press the Enter/Return key after each sentence to indicate the end of that sentence.

      4. Next add your details:
      Company Name (if a business)
      Contact Number (in case we need to discuss your order)
      Email Address (to deliver your completed order)

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        You will leave the website to make your payment.
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        6. Following successful PayPal Payment you will be automatically returned to the website.
          The details of your order are displayed.
          Note: this page will not include your image/logo. It includes your payment confirmation and any notes you added during checkout.
            You will also receive a confirmation email from and a separate PayPal transaction email.

            1. Once your video order is complete, a secure link to our video will sent to you at the email address you provide on the checkout page.
            Note: Please ensure your email is correct on the checkout form as this is the email address to which your order confirmation and download link will be sent.

                2. When you receive your email with your secure download link, you can download your video and share it on social media, by email, or via cloud hosting, or upload it to another social media website e.g. Facebook, YouTube or your company website.