Pix Plans

You will need to have created an account before you can order a monthly plan. Benefit from a lower cost per video for higher monthly quantities. (Save even more during this limited time promotion).

Monthly plans are a monthly subscription and credits are automatically renewed each month. One credit is deducted from monthly allocated credits at the time of each video order. Cancel anytime. Unused video credits (including any free credits that have been allocated) do not roll over to the next month.

Additional one-off purchases of credits can be made at the same rate as the monthly subscription. e.g. €20 for 1 credit, €48 for 3 credits and €60 for 5 credits.  Useful if you need more credits in any one month. (Promotional pricing does not apply to additional one-time video credit purchases).

Each plan has a one-time non-refundable setup fee. 

Video Delivery

Each video is delivered as a downloadable MP4 file and is ready-to-use for uploading directly to YouTube.

Upload the provided file to your YouTube account and add the link to your own website and/or your chosen property portal(s).

No reference to ‘Pix’ or ‘Pix.ie’ on any videos.

For A Limited Time Save With 10% Lower Pricing
+ One Free Video Credit!

This offer expires Midday Thursday 16th June 2022

1 Video

20 18 / month
  • 1 Video Per Month
  • €20 Cost Per Video
  • €18 Cost Per Video (Save 10%)
  • Monthly Until Canceled
  • Choose 1 Video Style
  • No Pix Branding
  • One Time Setup Fee €35 **

3 Videos

48 43 / month
  • 3 Videos Per Month
  • €16 cost per video
  • €14 Cost Per Video (Save 10%)
  • Monthly Until Canceled
  • Choose 1 Video Style
  • No Pix Branding
  • One Time Setup Fee €35 **

* This offer is currently valid until Midday Thursday 16th June 2022 but we reserve the right to withdraw this offer earlier.

* 10% saving is approximate for rounding purposes. Cancel anytime. If at some point in time, you decide to cancel your subscription and then, later on, decide to rejoin, the reduced fee will not apply and the monthly cost will be as listed at that time.

* Need more than 5 videos per month? Additional one-off purchases of video credits can be made at any time. Additional video credits are charged at the listed monthly rate i.e. the 10% reduction does not apply to purchases of additional video credits.

Full 1080 HD video quality.

Choice of video styles. 

Branded with your agency logo and  contact details.

Includes key property details – address, price, no. beds/baths, BER 

Several volume-based options.

Our monthly plans start at just €19 per month depending on number of videos required.

We offer volume-based discounts. 

Cancel anytime.

Only the listing address required.

Once you’ve created your account all we need is your property listing address for each order.

Nothing to upload. Completed videos files available from within your account.

‘Credits’ based system.

No need to pay each time you order. Credits allocation and usage are processed automatically.

Check your available credits at any time in your members area. Top up your credits anytime.